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Crushed Bones

The quality of our product SRM Free degreased crushed bone is well established and processed in strictly SRM Free zone and under our own strict supervision. The crushed bone being used as Raw material of Edible Gelatin, Pharma Gelatin and Photographic Gelatin etc. The bones are derived from the healthy slaughtered animals of the slaughter house and the butchers shop and are fit for human consumption. The crushed bones are available in different sizes as 3/8" , 5/8" and 3/4 inch

Grease 2.5% max
Moisture 8% max
Nitrogen 4%
Sinews 1.5% max

Uses : Edible Gelatin, Pharma Industry, Photographic Gelatin, etc

Raw Bone Meal

Bone meal is made from crushed cattle bone of size below 1/8" (0-2 mm) grains. It is a natural organic fertilizer and having rich source of phosphate and Nitrogen And also used is poultry feed material. It can be used in organic farming and production as the end results are healthier with enhanced food value. Bone meal is also an excellent organic source of calcium.

P 205 2.5%
Nitrogen 3.5-4%
Phosphorous 8-9%
Calcium 18%
Moisture 7%
Sand Silica 5%

Uses : Organic Fertilisers, animal feed

Steamed Bone Meal

Uniform size of Crushed Bone is sterlized by steaming process and the size is (0-2 mm)

P 205 22% min
Nitrogen 4% min
Phosphorous 10%
Calcium 22%

Uses : Organic Fertilisers, animal feed

Meat and Bone Meal

Meat and bone meal (MBM) is a product of the crushed bone industry. It is typically about 50% protein, 35% ash, 8-12% fat, and 4-7% moisture. It is primarily used in the formulation of animal feed to improve the amino acid profile of the feed.

It is fully commercially sterilized & is also bursting with nutrients, like proteins with better Amino Acid profile and easy digestibility, calcium and phosphorus with better bio availability.

Fats that are ideal for faster growth and immunity development. Vitamins. Trace minerals. and plenty of energy (approx.2500 Kcal/kg.)

Specifications % Typical
Physical Colour : Dark Red    
Chemical Composition:    
Moisture (max) 10 6
Fat (range) 4-8 6
Protein 45-50 48
Pepsin Digestibility 91-93 92
Ash 35-40 36
Crude Fibre (max) 3 2
Sand and Silica 2 1

Uses : Animal feed

Bone Ash

This product is the result of animal bones all the organic matter is completely burn out. This product is used in ceramic Industry and also used in poultry feed.

Phosphorous 16%
Calcium 30%

Uses : Ceramic Industry and poultry feed


High Quality Technical Animal Fats are low in free fatty acid content below 3%. Due to its higher saturated fatty acid content in the triglyceride structure, it is significantly more stable to oxidative rancidity. Hence, can safely be incorporated upto a level of 6 % in the poultry feeds. It is an immensely useful feed ingredient in summer for poultry when one needs to provide ready source of energy through fats to avoid heat stress and subsequent mortality in the birds.

Our high quality Technical Animal fat results in faster weight gain, lower feed consumption, better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and lower mortality in broilers. It also improves egg production and egg size with lower feed consumption in layers. What's more, it lowers the formulation cost by replacing (fully or partially) costlier vegetable oils, improves production efficiency of pellet mill due to lubricating action in the mash, and increases demand for your feed due to better performance.

Total fat content (min) 99.0 % Titre value 38 - 42
Moisture (max) 1.0 % Saponification value 192 - 202
Impurities (max) 1.0 % Peroxide value (max) 5 mequivalent O 2 / kg
Free fatty acids as oleic acid (max) > 3.0 % Chemical Stabilizer Addition on request
Unsaponifiable matter (max) 0.5 % Gross energy (K.Cal / kg) 8990
Iodine value 44    

Uses : Animal feed, Soap and Detergent Industry

Bone Grist

LBone Grist is the crushed cattle bone in size 3/16". Mainly it is used as raw material for bone charcoal. The bone charcoal is used for refining sugar syrup.

Steamed Horn and Hoofs Meal

Size (0-3 MM) Used as a Raw material for fire fighting foam and organic fertilizer. Steamed horn and Hoofs manufactured from the animal horn and hoofs. This product is used as organic fertilizer in Germany, Japan, UK and Italy. Horn and Hoofs having rich source of soluble Nitrogen which is very useful for all crops.

Nitrogen 14%

Uses: Advanced organic fertilisers