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Quality & Production

IBMI ensures that the quality of the products in its units are maintained at all times. The quality controller insures all specification have been met to the customers requirement and also maintained the companies strict quality regulations.

The quality and grade of our products is unmatched and has been recognized by many Govt. industries, reputed Pharma Companies and also by international buyers. Our bones are extracted from healthy animals that are slaughtered in approved slaughterhouses to produce SRM free degreased crushed bones.

Hygiene Control

Bones are derived from healthy animals exclusively slaughtered in a slaughterhouse under veterinary control before & after slaughtering & found fit for human consumption.

Removal of Specified Risk Material

SRM material is sorted out at our collection centre’s at various (SRM material i.e. heads including brain, spinal cords, vertebral, eyes & tonsils). Only SRM free material is unloaded at the plant for production of crushed bone for gelatin industry and other by-products.

Unloading Zone

The unloading area for raw bones is at a distant place from the production unit to avoid contamination, is easily washable and disinfected frequently. Foreign material that arrives with raw bones such as horns and hoofs is removed at reception area and meant for steaming for fertilizer purpose.

Processing Mode

IBMI has continuous process of mechanized production with machineries of the latest technology that enable maximum production without compromising the quality and standard of the products. Rotary washer is used for washing raw bones before further processing to remove fat and to improve the color of finished product like crushed bone and steamed bones by warm water at 90-100 degree Celsius.

Product Storage

IBMI has covered storage capacity for more then 1500 Tons at our Factory Area and about 1000 tons at our warehouse. Crushed bones for gelatin are stored separately from other fertilizer products to avoid any risk of contamination.